@parker You seem like the least awful member of this shit thread, so I haven't silenced your instance yet, but if you keep replying to it I'll defederate from leafposter.

@neauoire Well thank you for letting me know, I'll check your instances' policies on hellthreads and the like from now on then.
@parker Ah, I wouldn't worry too much about merveilles.town. It's got a lot of cool people, but they're cancellation hard-liners.
@p @parker They even have someone called "cancel" which has kind of a weird reputation for their behavior and takes.
@p Yeah, I like seeing their projects though, programming, building, sailing and the like.
@parker Yeah, one of the few instances that block us that I wish did not.
@pomstan @parker There are some coders on there that post interesting code-related stuff. I forget who I was following on there.
@pomstan @parker I could try to find some but I don't remember off the top of my head. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source_amnesia

I will see something once in a while from them, someone else will repost something and I'll be like "Oh, that's cool. Hey, I was following that guy." Anyway, they blocked us in (I think) 2018 so my recollection is hazy.

@p @parker i’m asking because there’s loads of coding shit blogs all over the internet, most of them from people without psychological problems

@pomstan @parker Man, I ain't met a competent hacker without psychological problems. I'm not especially worried who's got what problem unless they're in my house, you know what I mean?

I get what you're saying, though. To be clear, I have noregerts, I think it is unfortunate that their admin sucks.
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@admin @MoonBoy @p @lain @matrix @rek @neauoire @kev @graf @crunklord420 @eris @artilectzed @furgar @sjw @josh @Noided @parker @gear @vriska @jeffcliff @stux @sotolf @alex @fushinsya_ikue @ew @Terry @shibao @mystik >threatening us with the solution to all our issues with you

Okay, do it. Should I send you goatse loli, or will politely asking be enough? Also ban my whole instance, thank you
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