@Terry Cryptocurrency pump-and-dump instance.

Someone should tell @admin (who apparently thinks CloudFlare has concealed the IP of his server, which is at, a stupid DigitalOcean droplet) to fuck off.
@admin @Terry

> what is your problem?

You are running a large number of followbots and I am getting complaints from people.

@p @Terry Sorry about that, it's not me our members do it I am alert to all already .

@admin @Terry These users existed within minutes of you federating. Same with your other site. (If there's a third, I don't know about it.)

@p @Terry our member come from a my old private group, don't worry I have alert they're don't spam already

@admin @Terry Some of them, with account creation times identical to yours, are actual definite spambots. Like this woman, who speaks good Vietnamese but terrible English:
@p @Terry @admin

How could you not? (Even Georgia likes toe beans.)
@dubh @Terry @admin She refused to smash dat like on the photo of toe beans I sent her. I don't know if she disliked the toes or the beans.
@admin @p @Terry spam isn't spam if it's automated and sent by dm or unlisted posts (by their logic) so try that next time
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